Permaculture at George Jones Farm – Soil Biodiversity

Soil Biodiversity

Here are some notes from our Soil Biodiversity class.

Lasagna Mulching demonstration

Soil Horizons
O – Organic Layer
A – Top Soil
B – Leached Layer
C – Parent Material
R – Bedrock

Texture Classifications
Clay – mineral
Sand – mineral
Silt – fine organic material

Loam is the desired soil texture for growing

Soil Formation Processes
– Bare Rock
– Organic Matter
– Hummus

“Biodiversity is the key to soil health”

Soil Testing

Mulching and No-Till

Lasagna Mulching

3 thoughts on “Permaculture at George Jones Farm – Soil Biodiversity”

  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve started a blog on gardening. It’s called Lazy Daisy’s Garden Gazette. My other blog, Wyrmflight, is oriented to my writing career, but this one will be more personal. Thanks for inspiring me in this direction.

  2. You are welcome.

    I think the hardest part of writing a gardening blog is to being consistent with article releases. I went 3 months last year without an entry because of stressful work project. I’m trying my darnest not to let that happen again.

    Good luck!

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