Playing in the Dirt in January

1/4/2014 – potting up rosemary

January in Ohio is tough on the gardener as we have at least 2 months until working our outside gardens is feasible. But today on 1/4/2014, the Snarky Gardener had the opportunity to play in the dirt. I’d been soaking 4 rosemary cuttings and it was time to pot them up. Easy work as I just stuck the rooty ends into the small pots, poured the dirt in, and watered briefly. Luckily I had some starter soil and pots in the house so I didn’t have to make the treacherous trip out into the snow and cold to my storage shed. I’ll have to admit it was fun to get my hands dirty on this winter’s day. These starts are for my January swaps – the Countryside Conservancy food swap and the Food Not Lawns Cleveland seed swap on 1/25.

1/4/2014 – starting lavender, mint, and sage. The 20 – 3/4″ square soil blocker is on the left and the 4 – 2″ square blocker is at the top of the picture.

Another reason for my dirt play date is the box I received yesterday from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I ordered a full set of soil blockers and wanted to see how they worked. I bought 2 blockers – one that produces 20 – 3/4″ square blocks and another that makes 4 -2″ X 2″ blocks. The really cool part is I added an Insert Set with “dibbles” to my order which will make 3/4″ square indentions on top of the 2″ X 2″ blocks.  This way the smaller start blocks can be added later to bigger blocks as the seeds grow out.  There was also an available single 4″ X 4″ blocker but it was a little out of my price range for now ($99 normally but just went on sale for $93.60 until March).  As you can see by the picture above, I planted lavender, mint and sage.  The mint and sage seeds are a few years old, so I’m dubious if they will germinate.  But if they do, I’ll have more starts for my swaps 🙂

The outside garden on 1/4/2014. No digging in the dirt out there for the Snarky Gardener.

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