The Great Indoor Tomato Experiment Continues

Alternative title:  The Report of My Tomatoes’ Death was an Exaggeration

Other alternative title:  It’s a Winter Solstice Miracle!

Snarky Orange (left) and Chocolate cherry tomatoes doing much better – 12/22/2013
Flowers turning into baby tomatoes on the chocolate cherry tomato plant – 12/22/2013

After a scare with droopy branches, my tomatoes continue to soldier on.  It was a case of over-fertilizing and once I replaced the water, the two plants recovered with only some leaf damage.  As you can see from the picture, the Chocolate Cherry on the right seems to be doing better, but it’s a more robust variety anyways.  I probably should have removed the flowers from both to help with the recovery, but my quest for winter tomatoes overpowered my logic and common sense.  The chocolate cherry tomato plant’s flowers are turning into little tomatoes (yum!).  Now all that’s left is the waiting (and waiting and waiting).

The AeroGarden’s hood is a full mast (2 feet high) so now I’ll have to keep up with the pruning.  I finally put in the trellis system, which is why they look like marionettes.  The vines have been sucking up all the water I pour and then some. Most of the time, AeroGardens can go a week or 2 before you have to refill. These are so needy, but soooo worth it. Hopefully the next post will show fruit ready to pick.

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