A Setback for the Great Indoor Tomato Experiment

Just when I thought things were going along peachy for my indoor tomatoes, this is what I found yesterday morning.

Droopy tomato leaves – 12/11/2013
Droopy tomato leaves -12/11/2013

When I saw my plants in distress, I gave them more water and AeroGarden fertilizer.  Later on during the day, I jumped on the “Internets” to see what might be the problem and found an article about overfertilization.  If plants have too much, they cannot absorb water, which is what the saggy leaves reminded me of.   So it looks like I caused the droopiness by using some homemade “Comfrey/Turnip plant juice” a few days ago.  Either this liquid mixture was too strong or maybe the pH was too extreme (should probably check, huh?).  And of course by adding even more fertilizer, I made everything worse (my overenthusiastic self did it again).  So last night I replaced all the water in the AeroGarden with distilled only.  I think this did the trick as they look a little better this morning, though we did lose some lower branches.  I’ll post more pictures this weekend.