Spring has sprung!

After several days of warmer weather (70’s) and rain in the middle of April, my garden finally started jumping up.  The spinach I had planted in March under 2-liter bottles have spouted.  My Oregon Snow Peas are also popping out of the ground (I thought they were goners with the long cold early spring).  But the real surprise was my overwintered Red Russian kale.  I even took them off my garden plan as they didn’t look good in late February and early March.  With the warm sun and then rain, they have really perked up.

Red Russian kale – 4/13/2013
Spinach sprouts among the leaves – 4/13/2013

It also looks like I’ll be collecting Seven Top turnip seeds as they are sending up flowers.  I let them go last fall thinking I could eat them this spring but forgot all about whole biannual thing.  I had enough greens to eat one meal, but I’ll let the plants use the rest of their strength to make babies.

Seven Top Turnip Greens going to seed – 4/27/2013
Seven Top Turnip Greens going to seed – 4/27/2013
Seven Top Turnip Greens going to seed – 4/27/2013

On 4/27/2013, I planted the first of my many tomato plants (four Sweet 100 Cherry plants) inside the cages in “Tomato Row”.  I’m a little early (or am I?) but the 10-day forecast looked good plus they were getting root bound. I also planted the only mini pepper that grew from the seeds I started (sigh). I have a pepper-producing AeroGarden mini Jalapeno that I may plant outside plus a mystery pepper I received from Amishland Seeds with my Amish Paste tomato seeds.  And I have a plant swap with Food Not Lawns Cleveland in a few weeks, so hopefully my pepper population will be increased over this one lonely plant.

Full garden view taken from the south – 4/27/2013
Caged Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes and Sugar Snap Peas – 5/4/2013
Planted Fenced Backyard Garden Plan- 4/30/2013

In April, I joined the Kent Community TimeBank.  The KCTB is an organization that allows for the trading of services between community members using a simple yet cool website.  So far I’ve given 2 hours of weeding to one member and received strawberry plants (which I planted in the northwest corner on 4/27) and compost from two other members.  The time bank allows me to use my gardening talents in the local community while receiving other valuable services (I’m looking at you, dog groomers, graphic designers, and equipment renters).  The best part is I’m getting in better physical shape without those pesky gym memberships.

Strawberry plants a Kent Community TimeBank member delivered on 4/27/2013

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